• As the Statewide Entity, OptumHealth New Mexico (OHNM), worked directly with PCL in training our provider network. Providers have reported high levels of satisfaction with the product, the trainings, and follow up technical support. Unequivocally, C.O.R.E. gives the Community Support Worker tools to effectively deliver CCSS: which most importantly, helps protect our most vulnerable populations.

Diagnostic Focus

The CORE Learning System covers a variety of behavioral health diagnoses, and also includes a physical health component to address commonly co-occurring, physical health conditions. Over 500 skill-building interventions are written to address these diagnoses and related barriers that prevent the individual from reaching his/her recovery goals. Over 1000 distinct barriers have been articulated to help  individuals and professionals identify and prioritize specific interventions that meet the needs and preferences of individuals served.

Behavioral Health
Physical Health